At Camping l’Écrin Nature, our approach is in line with our commitment to the environment.

We have set up dedicated waste collection and sorting areas at the campsite entrance and near the sanitary facilities. Two composting points are also provided for organic waste to feed the small vegetable and herb garden.

Accommodation and sanitary facilities are equipped with materials that help to save electricity and water: LED lighting, detection or timer-controlled lighting, solar lighting, timed taps…

In the spirit of environmental protection and the fight against waste, we do not provide toilet paper in sanitary facilities or accommodation. You’ll find them on sale at the grocery store if you need them.

Thanks to these measures, we have the immense pleasure of being a ” Refuge LPO ” (League for the Protection of Birds).

If you’re a birdwatcher, don’t forget your binoculars for your Limousin escapades!