Trail lovers

When you get back from your long hike, you can enjoy a beer (or drink of your choice) on the terrace of our snack/bar!

Come and discover the F.F.A. approved “Uni’vert Trail” trail base and the paths of the Monts d’Ambazac, where the “Les Gendarmes et les Voleurs de Temps” race is held every year at Pentecost!

Tours depart from Domaine de Muret (3.5km from Écrin Nature campsite)

The club Les Godasses Ambazacoises is the driving force behind this F.F.A. accredited Uni’vert Trail, the second trail base to open in the Limousin region and the rest of France. This project launched in 2015 is the initiative of the Limousin Athletics League.

Four circuits are signposted from the Domaine de Muret site (topoguides available at reception or to download here) and are open to all: runners, hikers, tourists.

Circuit 1 – 4 km

The Hermit Trail (green circuit) with retro-reflective markers to discover the pleasure of running at night.

This is a “discovery” trail around Muret, based on the Dolmen trail and the Puys trail.

Circuit 2 – 11.2 km

The Dolmen trail (blue circuit)
More demanding, this route is suitable for those with some trail experience.

Circuit 3 – 18.4 km

The Puys trail (red circuit)
This is a longer version of the dolmen trail, suitable for experienced hikers.

Circuit 4 – 26.3 km

The Bonshommes trail (black circuit)
This course is aimed at demanding trail runners who already have experience in the discipline.